Entry: free writing Monday, May 17, 2010

whew! damn its been almost three years since the last time ive posted something on my page..oh well a lot has changed..im now working about 2years now and capable of buying things that i like from my own money without asking from my parents..its a different feeling that im currently giving back my gratitude to them eventhough im not obliged to do things which i am delighted to unselfishly share the blessings that i continue to receive each day..GOD has been always good to me..regardless of what ive been through the years, HE remain to be true to His promises of not leaving us..eventhough im not so blessed with lovelife, i am certainly blessed with the opportunity to work in one of the world's best institution in the Philippines.. I really love being an OR Nurse..and i love my family and the friends the i've got all the way..


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