Entry: time to reflect Sunday, July 01, 2007

         There are things that i cannot understand. One night, i caught myself crying while askin this questions, "GOD, why is this happening to me?" "Was there something that i did?" "Something about the past?" "Or is there anything that you wanna let me know?" <-- These are some of the questions that i had during that time. I've cried as if im just the only person left, as if nobody cares. There were times wherein i feel like giving up. Times wherein i, myself can no longer learn to leave a little love for myself. Times that i chose not to be myself just to control my emotions. They say " Be yourself!", but why cant i? Can somebody teach me how?.

      In twenty years of my life, I have to admit that i've learned a lot from my experiences in the past, other people's life experiences, problems that i have encountered and the same thing with  the lessons that it taught me. But, there are a lot of things that i ought to know to make me a better person.

      As time goes by, ive come to realize that changes that were brought upon by my personal experiences. The reality of life says that things may not always have a happy ending, that things arent permanent that time will come that you have to adjust especially to what you've been used to.

      As i was reflecting, i've come to think that it is true that once you own something you hardly close your hand so it wont let go due to the fact that it means a lot to you and you intend to keep it, if possible for a lifetime. But, time will come that you also have to learn to open your hand once again and let that butterfly  be free from flying.



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