Entry: ^_^ Monday, June 04, 2007

         Its really been a long long time and here i am tryin to update my blog. I've been really busy this past few months due to our graduation on the 12th of April in PICC, my huBby's grad on the 19th of the same month, attending our RCAP review in preparation for the up coming june board exam, completing the needed PRC requirements, PRC filing, reviewing and the like.

let me share to you some of the highlights in the past months

GRADUATION DAY (April 12, 2007 in PICC)

         It was my first time to be in PICC due to our graduation day and it was really big and was able to accomodate a huge number of nursing students of UPHSD-LP College of Nursing with 1,500 graduates this year (Batch 2007). During that special day of mine, i was with my mom, tito angeL(my dad's proxy coz he wasnt able to be there because he's already in KSA since february of the present year :c), james(my  brother), joyce(my sister) and of course my huBby who've always been there for me through thick and thin. To be honest i was so happy during that time because ive finally made it to graduate after how many years that i have spent in school, the hardships, sleepless nights just to comply with the needed school requirements on the submission day, the adjustments that i had in order for me to fit in to the institution that i belong and the like.

HIS GRADUATION DAY (April 19, 2007 in PICC)

         It was really nice to see him so happy on that day. I went to their house in order to help him do things for him since it was now my turn to do it just for him(of course). During the ceremony, i was given again the chance to bond with tita(uhm can i call you mama?just like what he used to call you?hahaha kapal ko na ba?lolz)and myhuBby's aunti(tita liza, a pediatrician). We've been texting once in a while to check on him. He still looked very handsome even from a distance. I was so proud of him during that time thats the reason why i have given my very best applause when his name was called. Though i wasnt able to graduate there in DLS-HSC, i was so happy and proud that my former blockm8s made it. We had a lot of picture taking and chitchatting. I can say that he was really happy during that day.



         OMG!! When i got there, it was only 4am and i wasnt expecting that long lane just for those who will be filling in PRC for the june local board exam for nursing. I spent 8hours just to do the PRC filing(4hours of standing, 4hours inside the PRC building). Weee it was really one of a kind. The building was really crowded with a lot of nursing applicants, who would have though that kane dior was there too, dude its been really nice to see you again after several years. To make the long story short, ive finished filing by 1145 am(muntik pa kong  maabutan ng lunch time, thank GOD kasi nakahabol pa ko..kundi i have to wait until they resume at 1pm).



         Who would have thought that i had the needed strength to accompany him on that day? It was really hard to see him walk away...to be honest? i've been crying when we were still in their house and until i got home. Imagine that 5 long years that he'll be away from me? Yeah that long distance relationship is not that easy because a lot of things has to change so basically a went through a major adjustment just to cope up with our present situation. GOD knows how much i love him even my family and friends can say it all. A constant communication is really a must for us to keep this relationship. A lot of consecutive nights of crying especially when the thought of him is on my mind, reminiscing all of our good times together. I'll be waiting for your return. iloveyou so much huBby ko..i keep on missing you... >:D<


         I really have to admit the fact that there were a lot of things discussed in RCAP review that werent tuckled inside the classroom. I've learned a lot from that review since we have started reviewing from january 7th(my bday!!) until june. As of what was told to us, an approximate of 70,000 will be taking the local board exam this june(10&11) including those who will be re-taking due to the leakage scam and the fresh taker(thats us). Weve handled by professional board reviewer s who have really imparted their knowledge to us, students. A lot of discussions and rationalizations really made a difference. Its been really nice to have you sir and ma'am as our board reviewers and in behalf of my batchmates, i salute you for the job well done and an excellent teaching strategies and very informative and active discussions that we had,

Today is the 4rd day of June 2007 and the nursing local board exam is really fast approaching and the anxiety level is quite increasing knowing that we only have 6days left. May GOD bless us all and continue to give us the knowledge and the wisdom to really make it.


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