Entry: ^_^ Monday, February 05, 2007

            Its already 4:55AM and here i am sharing my sentiments to you people. Today is the 5th day of February and twas just like yesterday when i turned 20teen. True enough that we dont hold the time, we cant even control things and we just have to let it comming and deal with the life so-called trials that will eventually make you matured (?).

            Graduation is fast approaching and my weekly schedules are gettin tighter. Tons of requirements for graduation keeps on coming and my time management is put into test. I must admit that the last term (midterm) was really one of a kind. Cant imagine that i almost fail to do lots of requirements due to time constraints, conflict skeds bet the members of my group and the like but im lucky and thankful enough because we made it inspite of all the shortcomings and tech problems.

            I only have 1 term left and i think that its natural to feel the happiness having the thought that graduation is already within your reach and be somewhat sad because mos. from now you wont be attending classes, you will be missing your school days, the same old faces that you used to see each day, the hilarious laughter and noise inside the classroom, those classmates of yours that wont pass a single day without making punchlines that will surely make the class go wild, the things that you and your friends used to do during breaktime/dismissal, the puyatan days in preparation for the Case Pre/school papers/projects,etc., the duty days with your RLE group mates, the happy moments that you've shared with your friends/classmates and the like.

            They say that major adjustments should be done once you graduate for it will be the time wherein you will go out of your comfort zones/shells to live on the real world that awaits you. Learning must be a continuous process for us to be productive in a sense that you'll keep yourself updated and work as hard as you can in order to survive and not to be left behind.

            The anxiety or the fear of the unknown keeps on buggin me up. Our pre-board review have started and is still on going, and the thought that 4 months from now will be the Nursing Local Board Exam and the fact that you have to pass it for you to have your licence so you can practice your profession is one of the factors that contributes to the anxiety that i have right now.

            Lets move on to the brighter side of the story, i mean the brighter side of me. I must admit that i used to be somewhat scared and problematic because of the great numbers of OR-DR cases that i have to perform for me to graduate this april. Twas on Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital where i have completed my 5cord dressings last October. And  i am very thankful that i was able to have my completion in the DR of Batangas Regional Hospital for 2 weeks last midterm wherein i have completed my DR cases there (4actual and 4assist). As of now, i am only lacking of 1 OR case (major) and I've realized of how good and great our GOD is for he make things possible, can you imagine that a group of students let us handle the OR cases for it happened that they are already done wit their cases and we've let some of them assist during delvery. Were already on our last week in OR-DR and i am looking forward for cases that we'll be handling to complete that necessary graduation requirements that we have to comply with.


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March 6, 2007   07:41 PM PST
buti pa ikaw. haiz. ako... tsk. tagal pa graduate. T_T

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