Entry: aNswered prayer?! yeah ryt Thursday, January 18, 2007

            Weee!! mMm..wer wiLL i begin?! weL nweiz, i celebrated my 20th bday (gosh my last teenage year..20teen, ryt?!) the night before the day that i was born with my faMiLy, my bestfriend/boyfriend and his bro (steven). Twas actually a surprise celebration knowing that  our preboard review started exactly on my bday(jan.07) same thing with our departure in school for our completion of prc cases in batangas regional hospital in batangas city which was on the night of the same day. During the time when i was about to go with that huge bag on my shoulders, my eyes were in tears for twas the 1st time that i wasnt with my family and away from home on my special day. From the time that i was already riding on a baby bus while textin my dad at the same time, i felt the coldness in the air and the sadness that was present within me that really made my cry. Who would have thought that my bday wish was granted?! No one does...true enough that nothing is impossible through CHRIST. Right now, im still very thankful of what happened to us after so many trials that weve been through, still here we are gettin stronger each day without nothing to fear and to be worry about because our relationship is now accepted by my dad. It feels good to love and be loved by someone you love the most. NeiLko we made it and i'll be forever thankful for you, coming into my life. Though few mos. from now you'll be away, and the thought of not seeing you is really making me sick but i know and i fully understand the reason behind everything. Hope we'll both stay stronger and continue a healthy relationship that we have started.

NeiLko? iloveyou so much!! haPpy 4th monthsary.. :-* >:D<


ituloy angsulong
January 19, 2007   12:59 AM PST
wow!!!! congrats....xchange link tau... daan ka din sa site ko ha

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