Entry: whats up doc? (hahaha bugs buNny??is dat you??) Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Monday (Nov.20)

            I've alarmed myphone the night before and i woke up at exactly 5a in the morning!! At around 530 i was able to receive a text message from a classmate of mine(he's actually our group leader)that we will be having our community survey(for our COPAR) in Brgy. San Isidro Pque City. OMG!! Though i know how to get there (Pque), i dunno how am i going to know if im already in the abovementioned area. I left the house at 645 and texted alvin to ask the landmarks that will tell me that im almost in Brgy. San Isidro. I sat beside the jeepney driver when i was on my way to kabihasnan and im furnate enough that i saw ivan (a classmate of mine). On our way to parañaque, we sat beside manong jeepney driver and asked hm to let us know if were already in San Isidro. Yeah we made it, special thanks to...(drum roll)the jeepney drivers!! Y'all rock! (thumbs up)

these are the things that i was able to do

  • Orientation with Brgy. Kgd. Joey Nazor V. Rogacion
  • Community Survey plus my interview in 3 households
  • Group meeting on what to do for the next day
  • We went to SM Sucat after our dismissal to buy things for my lil sis
  • Went to SM Bacoor for items that are still missing(unfortunately wala ult dun :c)
  • Bought something for lunch (kahit pas 2 na nun..oo na nagalit ka alam ko yun..sorry :-S)
  • Went to Molino (my 2nd home) 
  • Accompanied cyclings as he went back home
  • Ate my lunch + a short conversation with bunso (neiLko's lil bro)&called me ate josie (thats a wow for me..weee)
  • We've tried to watch the spirit trap but wasnt able to finish it
  • Had dinner with neiLko
  • Was at home by 830(i guess)
  • Had a conversation with him on the telephone and decided to sleep after us talking
  • Had a goodnight sleep (iloveyou)


               Together with Mrs. Aileen Basan and the rest of our group (1), we went to alvin's house in BF Pque to do the tallying of the data that we had the other day. Twas kinda hard to tally but were able to finish it before 2p. I went to the library to do some research in preparation for my reporting on friday and since the 3 books were all reserved books and i have to wait until 5p, i've decided to xeroxed it rather than borrowing it. Right now, im doin my written output and the ppt pres. at the same time.  Much luck for me!! Of course on my report on friday!! :)


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so sad hear nothin from you

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